How does one apply for and get a medical marijuana card?

08 Jan

A general procedure of getting a medical card isn’t that big of a deal. You can do it while sitting at your home. It’s the era of telemedicine that allows you to get a medical marijuana card online.

All you have to do is find a legit online clinic, register and fill your details in the prequalification form. You will then be connected to a doctor for consultation (most probably via video call) to plan your treatment and assess if you qualify or not. Most online clinics will email your recommendation and even send a hard copy if you request it. 

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You are not required to make an appointment which makes it even more convenient.
But, remember to verify the license of the clinic and the doctors and also check the privacy guidelines before trusting an online source.
To avoid any problems, go through the legal procedures of your state because different states may have a different procedure that needs to be followed.

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