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Following a proper keto diet is not easy. As you will notice different people talking about various ways of adapting the keto diet. In this guide, I will properly take you to step by step order in which you should be doing a proper keto diet. 

There are specific foods that you should be using in the ketogenic diet. Only then you will be able to follow this diet properly. At the start, you might feel a few side effects, but they will vary off after a few days. Keto diet is the most popular diet of this decade because it has shown positive results to those who have done it properly.

Foods that are high in fat and protein but low in carb should be a part of the keto diet. Foods that are low in carb are usually beneficial for your health because they don’t make you fat. Although you should use fiber in this diet so that you won’t have any digestive problem. 

I would recommend that you should use flex seed or basil seed in this diet. Soak them in water, leave for a half-hour. After that drink it. It acts as a laxative for your stomach and will support your bowel movement. All these tips are vital to follow a perfect keto diet.


The ketogenic diet is a process of ketosis in your body that helps in losing your weight. This process is done you eat fewer carbs. Your body needs carbs as a source of energy. The purpose of a keto diet is to make your body crave carbs after that it will look for other energy sources. 

This will allow your body to burn the excessive fat in your body. One thing that should keep in mind is that if you are already underweight then don’t follow such diets. Look for diets that can help you gain weight and then maintain it. 

Coming back to how keto works, when your body burns the excessive fat a substance called ketones is released, your body then makes these ketones the primary source of energy for your body. This whole process is called ketosis. To make your body go through this process it will require some time and hard work. There are various side effects that you will feel but they will be temporary. 


There are various foods that you can include in a keto diet, but like I said before that your body needs proper food that is high in fats and protein but low in carbs. Such foods are also rich in other nutrients and vitamins such as iron, zinc, sulfur, manganese, vitamin D, and much more. 

The foods that should be a part of your ketogenic diet are salmon fish, lean meat, green vegetables, bone broth, dairy products, and chicken breast. These are some of the very important foods that should be a part of your keto diet. 

You can eat bone broth or any low carb dairy in your keto breakfast, after that you can try lean meat in your lunch and chicken breast in your dinner. Always eat in small portions. So that you keep the metabolism running. This way you can burn more fat and stay active. 

Keto diet can be frustrating for some people but if you do it properly then the results will amaze you. All you have to do is stick to this diet and enjoy the outcome. You will feel like a different person once you have done this keto diet.

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There are some important tips that you should follow in order to gain full benefits from this diet. Blind following a diet will only help you in losing fat or weight. After some time you will notice that your body seems weak rather than fit. 

So to save yourself from that look you should also include a moderate to intense workout with this diet. Only then you can look more fit rather than someone who looks like a starved person. I have done this diet myself and I know how people look if they don’t do any physical activity with this diet. 

So what you should do is add exercise to your daily routine. Start with a normal walk in the morning and turn that into intense jog. When you gain some stamina and core strength then you can lift weights. If you follow it this way then you won’t feel the pain of cramps. 

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There are various other diets that you can try as well, but I always recommend people to follow a ketogenic diet. The reason for that is, it is easy to follow and the foods you can use in this diet are easy to find and not expensive. 

I know a few colleagues who find it difficult to follow any diet, so I recommended them to follow these steps and this diet in a proper way. They are now happy with the results this diet has shown to them and they continue on doing it. Like I mentioned at the start that you should only follow this diet if you are overweight or if you want to maintain a healthy weight. 

Other diets that can be beneficial for you are the Atkins diet, vegetarian diet, and paleo diet. These are the only few other diets that I prefer.  Whatever diet you follow always remember to include foods like bone broth that are rich in protein and healthy fats. 


If you follow all my tips in a proper way then you will notice significant changes in your body. The foods in this diet will give you various other health benefits such as improving your bone health, heart health, skin health, and digestive health. These are some of the health issues that a keto diet can prevent. So if you are facing such issues then keto diet is perfect for you. With the latest trends in obesity, it’s better to follow a proper healthy diet so that you can stay away from getting obese. Follow a good diet and stay healthy. 

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