Can you Smoke Suboxone Strips?

31 Oct

The problem with this idea is that suboxone consists of a partial agonist (buprenorphine) and an antagonist (naloxone). Suboxone was formulated for oral use, not for IV or snorting, let alone smoking. The inclusion of naloxone in suboxone however, is also (mainly) intended to stop the strips being dissolved and injected.

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When suboxone is smoked or injected, both the buprenorphine and the naloxone are absorbed in much higher amounts than intended, particularly naloxone. While smoking may deliver buprenorphine in a ‘recreational dose’, it also delivers more naloxone to your blood. This large dose of naloxone is much larger than would be administered as an antidote following an opioid overdose. The effect of this on addicts is that they go straight into withdrawal. Not nice.

BTW smoking polyethylene oxide (the inert stuff holding the strip together), not a good idea. Studies have shown that this forms short chain aldehydes which are likely to be carcinogenic.Write for us casino

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