29 Jan

Cannabis is getting popular day-by-day. And more people are beginning to use it. the most important reason for its popularity is that the medical benefits it's. While tons of individuals use it for medical purposes, there are many that use it for recreational purposes. you'll buy legal cannabis from any licensed dispensary. But, confirm you're conversant in medical marijuana laws in California before you opt to shop for it.

Also, it’s not very hard to urge too high on cannabis. you've got to take care while consuming cannabis. Especially if you're new to cannabis use. But, getting too high is normal. Even experienced users can get too high sometimes. Maybe while trying some new strains, or simply not paying much attention to what proportion they need to be consumed. Don’t worry, getting too high won’t kill you. But, They are often very uncomfortable for you. So, here are a number of the simplest ways to tackle a cannabis high.

1. settle down And Breathe

Pretty obvious, isn’t it? But this is often very hard to recollect once you are coughing and also facing THC anxiety. Deep breaths improve the oxygen intake of the body and may help in better blood circulation. It also can get you out of the uncomfortable high you're experiencing. So, just attempt to calm yourself down and take deep breaths. you'll also download an app on your smartphone which will assist you with one minute of focused breathing.

2. Lemon Pepper For The Rescue

Lemons are often very helpful in tackling uncomfortable high. Citrus fruits have terpenes and limonene which will add reducing the psychoactive effects of THC. THC is one of the various compounds present in cannabis. And it's a compound that causes the high. Sucking a lemon can assist you in reducing these effects. you'll squeeze a lemon in water and add some pepper to it for better results.

3. Keep Hydrating Yourself

Water is extremely crucial. it's the power to repair many mishaps, and getting too high is one among them. Drink tons of water. It can prevent any quite excess, including marijuana. Dehydration can cause you to feel lightheaded. So, drink the maximum amount as you'll, the goal is to flush the surplus of THC from your body.

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4. Take a Shower or a Nap

You can take a shower to scale back the consequences of cannabis high. or just shut your eyes a few times. you'll also try eating some snacks. of these things can assist you with the uncomfortable high you're experiencing.

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5. Caffeine

Maybe drinking coffee won’t assist you in reducing the psychoactive effects you're experiencing, but it surely can assist you to re-focus. this will be especially helpful if you've got not eaten anything.
No one enjoys getting too high. It gets very uncomfortable for an individual. So, you ought to use cannabis carefully. But, albeit you've got accidentally consumed an excessive amount of cannabis, use the following pointers to tackle the high.

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