Why do I vape more than I used to smoke?

20 Nov

Probably due to several factors:

Nicotine on e-cigs takes longer to be absorbed than on cigarettes. Smokers vape then don’t wait enough time for it to act, then continue vaping.

The “unit” for vape is that the puff, not the cigarette. Smokers light their cigarettes, then chain smoke until their cigarette is completed, then await subsequent cigarette. They got enough nicotine to stay them not smoking for a short time.

With e-cigs, that's not how it happens. you're taking a puff, then another, in order that you get the nicotine level you would like, then keep taking puffs regularly, thus maintaining a continuing nicotine level. that's to be expected.

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If you would like to vape, then stop, then vape, you would like an amount of nicotine like the quantity of a whole cigarette, which may be a lot quite your organism is asking. Then you'll stop for a short time until vaping again.

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But, the foremost important factor, is that smokers who use vaping to quit tend to travel too fast. It takes several months until your organism gets wont to consume nicotine and zip else, just like the many alkaloids that the cigarette contains which also are addictive.

Only afterward your need for nicotine will start to decrease, and it'll happen naturally.

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I started vaping at 18 mg, then 12 a few months later, then 8 mg 4 months after I started vaping, and kept it for about 3 months more. Only then my body started sending signals that I didn’t need that much nicotine. So I dropped to six mg and am now at 3.

Only when you're at 3 and believe me, it'll happen naturally, you'll then decide if you would like to stay vaping or stop altogether.

I kept vaping because I prefer it and it became a kind of hobby. you'll do whatever you would like.

Which leads us to the foremost important factor:
If you're vaping you already stopped smoking. Your body will react in just an equivalent way as if you had stopped cold turkey. you're not a smoker anymore.

So, I counsel you to stay the nicotine level as high as you would like it so as to not chain vape. you'll consume less liquid also.

And don’t be too hasty. it'll happen naturally if you provide it enough time.

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