17 May

Emails have always been a vital part of our life since the inception of electronic media. Everyone is dependent on email media and most importantly the businessman as email is the only way they are keeping up with the consumers during a covid pandemic. Having too much load on the same few glitches is quite observable then the most common problem users face these days is about “Gmail android app not syncing”, this all starts when users face challenges while exchanging emails /accessing contacts/calendar, etc. 

There is a reason behind every problem that occurs and it is better to understand the reason else than jumping into the solution straight away.

The major reason behind the sync issue is simply the glitch while you might be transferring data on your android device. Now if your connectivity is low that may also be the reason for the glitch. Otherwise, if your Gmail inbox is not updating then try updating the application, as many times when you do so the problem is solved automatically. Having plenty of caches. cookies.unwanted downloads on your device application. 

These corrupted files are the reason behind the issue moreover. Keep track of the privacy settings of your application as it might also trigger the problem anyway. The last step is simply enabling the auto-sync option and you are good to go with this.There happens a time when you try opening your Gmail media and it simply doesn’t load. Don’t worry your efforts don’t go in vain and we have a solution for this too. When this happens, you must follow these basic guidelines and you are good to go with that. 

Even if your Gmail is working slowly these steps are anyway going to help you. Start by switching to a browser that works well with the Gmail application and you may also reinstall the application otherwise, keep track of your browser extension simply, and the last step to solve this issue is simply clearing the cookie and unwanted files from your device application. It is very important to remove these sites which are anyway downloaded by the time you watch any video; these files are mostly corrupted and can impact your device anyway. 

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Just follow these simple steps : 

1. Start by opening the settings option and hit on “apps and notification”.

2. Now from the list of applications that are right in front of you hit on the “Gmail” icon.

3. Move to “storage” and hit on the “clear cache “ option . 

With this you are good to go. 

You must always remove the unwanted application on your phone and add more space to your device.The simplest of what you can do is restart your device, if that doesn’t help try switching to another browser and see if Gmail is working over there, try disabling your antivirus software if it is in a running state. 

These applications often hamper Gmail working. Once you are done with the Gmail testing you may enable it simply. Don’t miss out on the browser settings, it is important to keep track of them always. 

You may also try resetting your device, for that follow the given steps :

1. Click on the “settings” and hit on the option that reads as “backup and reset option”.

2. After doing so click on the option that reads as “erase all data”

These are all the possible ways you may solve the issue and if your Gmail account is not working then you may simply contact the customer support team and they will help you to combat the situation. Now since android has been introduced to us, Gmail has always played an important role in our life. 

But Gmail can also have a hard time sometimes. Now there can be times when Gmail shall not respond or it keeps crashing so you should follow the steps mentioned above. Make sure you give this post a good read. In case you need any help so Feel free to reach us anytime.

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