17 Jan

The increased competition in an online market among different industries increases the demand of SEO. There are different techniques which SEOs follow to increase ranking on search engines and back linking. Guest Posting and business listing are two of them which are on high demand in today’s digital marketing era. Let’s discuss the two terms in this article with its benefits.

Business Listing:

There are different benefits associated with a Free Business Listing Site, to enlist more your business in different online business directories the more benefits you will get for sure. Here you go some of the benefits of it;


The most important factor that you are exposed to most of the visitors. The more you are exposed the more people will utilize your business services. Business directories are used by a maximum number of people to find products and services of what they are interested in. People could find you only when you will be in the results of what they are searching for. Business listings gives you to gain exposure in different online business directories. You could be easily reachable to most of the finders if you have listed in online directories.

Increased Traffic:

There are different ways to get traffic on your website. The more you are exposed, the more people will reach you thus increase your site traffic. Business listing offers your site exposure to search engine crawlers and even YouTube which then increases the chance to get an appearance on major search engine results pages thus increases your traffic as we all know the importance of major search engines like Google.

Cheap Advertising

We all know how advertising plays an important role to bring traffic to one’s site. It aids customers to find you and identify your brand and name. Business listing is the cheapest way to enlist your business in online directory platforms. Some of the sources are even free to get entry.

Professional Appearance

What you want for your business that it must look professional in your customer’s and other’s eyes here, the platform of the business listing is to achieve this goal. By adding your business in online business, directories show your authenticity and people trust more because it is a professional place where almost every business is enlisted. Your business among them will surely appeal to others and will bring customers to you too.

SEO Benefits

Another benefit of the business listing is that it is considered as one of the most important off-page technique to increase traffic and improve back linking because when an online visitors will come to you in an online business directory will redirect to your website through your backlink there. If you are linked to major directories like Google My Business, then it will create high relevancy for google search engine’s crawlers thus increase SERP and you are well aware that high PR you get, the more visitors will click to your site link.

There are more benefits of business listings, you can get like you can increase revenue because as it increases traffic to your website, which will increase your sale, thus increase your ROI. Enlisting in an online directory can increase your brand recognition and can create a more effective and comprehensive online presence.

There are number of online business directories available in all niche and also there are directories for specific location too. You may select the best for you and add your business to get online presence among others. There are free listings available, also some allow listings with reciprocal and some are paid too. You may select directories like Business 2 Business directories to get enrolled. In short, take the most benefits from online business directories to get maximum recognition.

Guest Posting:

From the word post we can judge that it is about article posting, yes it is almost like that. We are posting our unique articles on different websites as a guest. In today’s digital marketing Tech Blogs Write for us is of great demand and bring quick results. To get link on other's site creates a positive image in the eyes of Google. Check out the advantages of guest posting;


A good quality blog post is important to make your website popular. Your well-written blog post if encouraged will establish your website as an authority on the subject and the search bots will love it. To promote your nursing essay help website, must post your articles as a guest on different good quality sites with great exposure to readers. Post always good quality article and with the relevant link in relevant category.

More Links:

Another criteria for search engine to build trust on your website if you have links from different authentic websites. By posting articles on different websites and get links in return from them will build a strong trust of search engine on you. The more links you get from sites that are similar to you the level of ranking on search engines increases.

Improve Writing Skills:

Guest posting is just to write articles and find relevant sites to publish your articles and get a quality backlink. This all process helps you to improve your writing skills as well. Blogging sites always look for good quality and unique articles, to get quality backlink your searching and skills improve to form a master-piece thus improve their ranking and ultimately increase traffic conversion ratio.

Social Networking Benefits

Guest blogging is a good source to become part of a social circle because your article will be published in the list where different writers are participating.

Earn Money:

Another important and interesting fact that you can earn money from this guest blogging. As the guest blogging sites are increasing day by day and they need content to get ranking and to improve their DA. You can write for them in return of money.


The best way to become a brand by using other platforms. Like, you have ideas and do not have platform to share your ideas and feelings, then gust blogging would be of great choice. Through this platform, you can share your articles based on your ideas and publish with your picture and name. This practice will surely make you a brand on one day.

Guest blogging is just to write articles, means you are going to get lot of knowledge and awareness on different topics you are writing on. You will get improved writing skills with treasure.

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