21 Jan

Mobile app usage is quickly becoming mainstream in Singapore. Mobile app marketing for companies is, therefore, crucial to get their apps out there. With mobile apps popping up now and then, many companies have realised the need to re-strategize to stay on top of the competition and to incorporate them in their digital marketing strategies.

In the past, companies relied on the traditional methods of an app promotion. However, with the explosion of mobile trends and technology advancement, these conventional methods no longer work. You now have to be ready to invest in your marketing strategies to get your app to your customers.

Here are proven mobile app marketing strategies for you to consider.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies in Singapore

App Store Optimisation

App stores algorithms prioritise on apps according to ranking factors such as app title, ratings, download data and more.

App store optimisation [ASO] focuses more on the app’s title when ranking. Hence, you should ensure that your app’s title corresponds to what your app is about.

Use tools such as Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool to determine appropriate and relevant terms people search for when looking up an app. Ensure that your app’s title contains these keywords.

Also, you must fill out all the required fields with all the crucial details before submitting your app.

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Commit Resources to your App

Marketers often overlook the importance of mobile advertising and commit limited resources to market their mobile apps.

Yet, we live in an age where mobile phones are a huge deal, and many users depend on mobile apps to meet various needs. It, therefore, makes sense to invest seriously in marketing your app to reach more customers.

You need to restructure your marketing budget and allocate enough resources to your app marketing. Your main goal should always be to have your app in key marketplaces all year round to maintain its visibility.

 Also, make sure that you are creative and engaging in your marketing to capture consumers. On that same note, your marketing should be on-going as well.

Build Reviews

While investing resources to your app marketing is essential, you need to focus on building your credibility as well.

Investing your money on marketing before building some reviews is not always theright approach. Reviews are a significant aspect of app store optimisation which goes a long way in convincing people to download an app.

As such, come up with some strategies on app review build up naturally so as not to trigger the app store’s spam filters. For example, you can offer users something in return for a review.

Understand your Customers

Failing to do proper market research is one huge mistake many make. You need to identify your target customers before embarking on app development. No matter how comprehensive and compelling your app is, it won’t have any impact if it fails to address customer pain-points.

 You need to identify customer pain points and develop an app that provides solutions to their problems.

Couple Your App Marketing App team with Mobile App Experts

No matter how adept your marketing app team is, mobile app marketing can be a complicated battleground that requires a unique approach for it to succeed.

Some of the challenges you are likely to encounter in your marketing efforts include optimising to reach optimal ranks, targeted media buying, and much more, which even digital marketers admit to being a big challenge.

By teaming up mobile app marketing experts with your marketing team, your app has a better shot at succeeding. Although this move may cut into your budget, it will be worthwhile at the end when your app ranks high in the app stores.

Focus on the Experience and not the App

Unlike before when companies solely marketed their apps, the game has since changed. Companies focused on selling the app itself for their customers to use. Nowadays, the experience derived from an app is more important than the app itself.

You need to focus on selling this experience to your prospects. Ensure that your app experience is unique and different from similar apps out there. Give your prospects a reason to download your app to their mobile phones.

Also, your app should provide the simplest of experiences. Don’t overwhelm your customers with complicated information. Keep it simple enough to allow your customers to have a simple time when navigating.

Offer Some Incentives

Motivating users to download your app goes a long way into making your app a success. Offering some profits to users often influences their buying decision, especially when they stand to gain from purchasing.

Some ideas include offering a discount coupon, a chance to win a prize or special offers.

Always think outside the box when marketing your app and do not limit yourself to the virtual forms. Consider engaging in trade and events to present your app in a more appealing way which earns you more customers.

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Be Visible on Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing channel which some mobile app developers overlook.  Facebook, for example, is one of the best platforms to acquire mobile app installs when adequately utilised.

There are various ways to use Facebook to market your app.

For example;

You can use page promoted posts and sponsored stories targeted to mobile news feeds, URL posts, page like ads and more to setup your Facebook mobile app ad campaign.

You can use promoted tweets as well.

Promoted tweets are incredibly effective in driving app downloads when appropriately used. Set some budget apart to test different keywords and pick up what drives the best cost-per-acquisitions.


Developing a mobile app to meet the needs of customers and conducting successful mobile app marketing is a big task. You need to have a clear mind and the right strategies in placeall through the process.

Understand that any marketing effort you make needs to generate profit.As such, monitor your marketing channels and determine the ones that work and those that do not. This will enable you to plan better and restrict yourself to profitable marketing strategies.Hire a professional app development company and digital marketing agency to get maximum ROI from the venture.                                    

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